Schon Business Park has been developed to provide end-users with a greater flexibility and choice than that offered to most   businesses, with a variety of commercial spaces that can match the needs and requirements of any business.
Ideal both as an investment, whereby space can be bought and then leased out or for businesses who want to own their own premises, the Park offers complete flexibility, competitive prices and state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.
These include:
Food & Retail shopping on the ground floor
Shell & Core offices on the First, Second & Third floor
Schon Business Park  -  the facts and figures
The Business Park has been designed to provide a unique and self-contained environment for its occupants, both owners and tenants.
The building uses 3 skylights that open onto each floor to create atriums of light, with vegetation on each floor.
• No. of stories           :  2B+G+3
• No. of office            :  296 units (Shell & Core) totaling 531,603 sq. ft.
• Retail development   :  137 retail outlets totaling 144,375 sq. ft.
• Elevators                :  6 panoramic, 8 regular – 15 passengers capacity.
• Office parking          :  1,300 spaces in total over 2 basement floors.

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